Dear Donor,

We are busy planning our 29th annual Sizzle.  This premier charity event, is sponsored by Just Kids, Inc, a foundation of San Pedro Kiwanis.Theme to be announced soon” will be held September 15th, 2018 at The Columbian Hall.

Over the years, we have been able to buy new clothing for thousands of needy, at-risk children during the Christmas holidays through our Stocking Stuffer Program and Gifts from the Heart Program which is an ongoing children’s assistance program throughout the school year.

As a 100% volunteer group, we are proud that our overhead costs are under one percent. Our objective is to reach the lives of many children, with little or no over head to our foundation, so people know their donations to Just Kids, Inc. are spent directly on the youth of our community!

We need your help.   Our foundation exists and allows us to help so many children because of your generosity.  (You can receive a tax deduction for helping a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.)

We are deeply appreciative of the outstanding support you have given us in the past.   Thank you again for your kindness and we hope to count on your support.


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